Building & Grounds

Items that need taken care of at Streams

1Paint the trim on the storage room blue.**(a)
2Trim tall palm trees.**(b)
3Paint the janitor’s closet.**(c)
4DoneReplace water fountain outside office.**(d)
5DoneTexture wall in janitor’s closet.**(e)
6DoneReplace window in choir room.**(f)
7Check & replace A/C filters. (13 AC Units)**(g)
8Paint storage room outside doors, outside youth room doors, outside small meeting room door, & outside choir room door.**(h)
9Install electrical outlet for the third camera in the sanctuary.**(i)
10Clean the carpeting in the choir room**(j)
11Install the last camera on the solar canopy.**(k)
12Replace the water damaged ceiling tiles in the fellowship hall building.**(l)
13Install new baseboard in fellowship hall building.**(m)
14Paint the exposed conduit on the building.**(n)
15Install can opener in kitchen.**(o)
16DoneReplace light blubs.**(p)
17DoneReplace the light bulbs on the cross in the sanctuary with new LED bulbs.**(q)
18DoneClean the church pew that has stains.**(r)
19Pour concrete around the church as needed.**(s)
20DoneNew anti-siphon valve.**(t)
**Go to the bottom of this page for more detail.

If God is calling on your heart to help us with any of these items please send me a note.

My name is Paul Cassity, and I am the chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. My phone number is 940-4672.

    (a) If you are willing to paint the trim on the storage room, this can be done over a period of time. Contact me for more details.

    (b) We have a man lift in the storage room and a pole chainsaw to help with this task. If you need more details, please just contact me.

    (c) The painting of this room will need to take place after Paul textures the wall.

    (d) The drinking fountain has been ordered and it is due to arrive June 30. After that date, we need to schedule the installation of this unit. Rocky is willing to install it, but he does need help from a plumber. If there’s anybody that is a plumber or has plumbing skills, please contact me.

    (e) Paul is set to take care of this.(This is Done.)

    (f) This window was broken from vandalism. The window has been ordered at the glass company and is due July 6.

    (g) Dan has agreed to do this task. He does need help from one individual. If you are willing to help, give me a call.

    (h) We would like all of these doors to be painted blue. This is to paint over where the graffiti has been. Will has volunteered to do this. He may need some help. If you are willing to help, I can get you two connected.

    (i) Paul has started this job. In order to finish, he needs a person’s help.

    (j) If someone has a carpet cleaner and is willing to do this job, please contact me.

    (k) What this job entails is pulling wire through conduit to the awning. It also requires running another 40 feet of conduit across the roof. Then we can install the last camera.

    (l) There are water damaged ceiling tiles in the classrooms, meeting rooms, and throughout the building. You will need to remove them and replace them with new ones that match. We have some on site, and we will need to purchase more.

    When you come near the side of the rooms you will have to cut the tiles to fit. You do this with a knife.

    (m) We have six boxes of new rubber baseboard. The new baseboard needs to be cut to length and installed with adhesive. This needs to be done everywhere in the building where the old baseboard has been removed. We still need to purchase the adhesive which is available locally at Lowe’s Building Supply. It will only take a day to get these supplies. It is a total of approximately 600 lineal feet of baseboard.

    (n) We installed electrical conduit on the outside of the building to run the wires for the cameras. We would like to paint the conduit to match the building so that they blend in.

    (o) This needs to be installed on the new countertop. This is done with two-sided tape only.

    (p) We need to look at all the lighting fixtures on the outside of the building and replace the light bulbs that are burned out. There is also a light bulb that is burned out in the parking lot fixtures that needs to be replaced.

    (q) Dan will be doing research to find the best fixtures to use for the cross. He will be taking care of this. The fixtures are at Streams. Need to be installed.

    (r) Robert has volunteered to take care of this.

    (s) We need to pour a new concrete sidewalk on the east side of the nursery. We would like to pour a new handicap ramp. We also would like to pour a concrete driveway from Lee Street.

    (t) Rocky will purchase this valve. It is to go on the sprinkler system. This valve was torn off six months ago. Rocky will need the help of a plumber or somebody with those skills to install this valve.