We are going to have our Gather Bible Study Through the Summer for all who wish attend.

              Mary/Martha will be meeting Tuesday, May 10, at 1:30 pm in Classroom A.   We will follow the current suggestions of the Streams Masking and Unmasking Guidelines from the council for gatherings.    Gather Bible study The Kingdom of God  Session 4 by  Mark Allan Powell focuses on life beyond death.    A link to the author’s preview video is below. All are welcome.

Remember to keep Irene Munter, Carole Lewis, Ruthie Garrett, and Dorothy and Alice Gallagher in your prayers.  Praise God for His power to heal.

Blessings to all the Women of ELCA ===================================
The four session Gather Bible study topic is The Kingdom of God is written by Dr Mark Allen Powell. Here are links to 15 minute videos in which Dr Powell speaks about each one.

Session 1: https://www.gathermagazine.org/mark-allan-powell-leads-session-one-of-gathers-winter-2022-bible-study/

Session 2: https://www.gathermagazine.org/mark-allan-powell-leads-session-two-of-gathers-winter-2022-bible-study/

Session 3: https://www.gathermagazine.org/mark-allan-powell-leads-session-three-of-gathers-winter-2022-bible-study/

Session 4: https://www.gathermagazine.org/mark-allan-powell-leads-session-four-of-gathers-winter-2022-bible-study/