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                 “EXPECT GREAT THINGS FROM GOD                                                      AND  ATTEMPT GREAT THINGS FOR GOD”

                     “He that hath pity upon the poor lendth unto the LORD; 

             and that which he hath given will He pay him again.” Proverbs

Wycliffe Bible Translations in Brazil

          Borôro believers also took the lead in planning an event to celebrate the completion of the audio New Testament.

          Å Måtürïñg Çhürçh Celebrating Scriptures completed in these languages in 2020. Thank you for your partnership in bringing God’s Word to the world! During the gathering, USB flash drives containing the recording were distributed, and a baptismal service took place. Since then the translation team’s visits to Borôro communities have revealed a maturing body of believers devoted to growing their knowledge of Scripture.

           Your generous gifts to the Worldwide Projects Fund have opened the door for Borôro people to experience God’s Word in a language and format that speaks to their hearts! We are deeply grateful for your partnership in meeting the urgent needs of Bible translation.

            Five days a week. That’s how often a group of Borôro Christians in Brazil were meeting together to listen to and discuss God’s Word in their language.

          Since the Borôro are an oral culture, making Scripture accessible to local communities in audio format has been the key strategy of the translation project. And it’s working.

          “This recording project has had a direct impact in helping the Borôro church to be born,” an adviser said. After team members recorded New Testament portions in one community, six people decided to follow Jesus!

          Such transformation is having a wide impact among the Borôro. One exciting example is a Christian-initiated reconciliation movement which has been the catalyst for healing and forgiveness among quarreling factions in the area. Additionally, a group of believers has been demonstrating love for their neighbors by assisting with local building projects. They even helped build a house for a non-Christian man whose family has strongly opposed followers of Jesus.

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