Outside Groups

Check your group leader for Time & Date of Meeting’s

Community and Streams Weekly Schedule

               Office email: office@streamstuc.org

Sun.       10:45am         Praise Service                           Sanctuary

               11:30am         Drive-thru Communion               Covered Parking

               12:00pm         SE AZ NA                                 Large Hall & Meeting Room B (2nd & 4th


               4:00pm           Clutterer’s Anon                        Meeting Room B

               4:00pm           Gamblers Anon.                        Meeting Room A

Mon.       5:30pm           ALANON – Newcomers             Meeting Room A

               6:30pm           Something Less Stuffy,

                                       fka Experience AA                  Large Hall

Tues.      9:00am           Streams’ Food Pantry                Office building

               6:00pm           Communication Committee        Zoom Meeting (1st Tues)

               7:00pm           Council meeting                        Large Hall (3rd Tues)

               7:00pm           Stewardship Committee             Meeting Room A (2nd Tues)

               7:30pm           Executive Committee                 Office (1st Tues)

Wed.       8:30am           Workday                                   Whole Campus

               11:30am         Overeaters Anonymous             Meeting Room A

               12:00pm         Via de Cristo Grouping              Library

               4:00pm           Hopi Group AA                          Meeting Room A

               6:30pm           S.L.A.A.                                    Meeting Room A

Thurs.     6:00pm           Bell’s Angels Practice                Sanctuary

               7:00pm           Gamblers Anon.                        Meeting Room A

Fri.          6:00pm           Adult Child. Of Al.                      Meeting Room A

               6:00pm           Voices & Choices Al Anon         Meeting Room B

               8:00pm           Surrender AA                            Meeting Room A

Sat.         8:30am           Save-a-Life                               Meeting Room A (3rd Sat.)

               9:00am           Tucson Marine Moms                Large Hall (Quarterly 3rd Sat.)

               11:00am         New Beginnings AA                   Meeting Room B

               1:30pm           African Violet Society                Meeting Room B (last Sat.)

                                                                                                                                                  (Revised 9/15/2021)